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  • One-year full-time and two-year part-time* taught master programme

  • Bachelor degree holders with honours from recognized universities or equivalent qualifications and/or experience are eligible to apply

  • Emphasis on a broad understanding of China through its global-local interactions and regional variations in politics, economy, trade, investment, environment, policy making, tourism and urban development. The prime objective of the programme is to educate students to become capable personnel for firms or institutions in both private and public sectors that have strong interest in China-related business and development.

  • Learning through courses, projects, seminars, fieldtrips and supervised dissertation

* Part-time students will be required to attend lectures with the full-time students on weekday mornings or afternoons. Hence, part-time students with full-time jobs are recommended to apply for day release to attend the lectures or compromise with their employers on a mutually agreed work schedule before applying for this programme. 

Programme Pamphlet


The programme is offered on a one-year full-time or two-year part-time basis. The curriculum will extend over one academic year for full-time study or two academic years of part-time study.   Part-time students will be required to attend lectures with full-time students on weekday mornings or afternoons.  Hence, part-time students with full-time jobs are recommended to apply for day release to attend the lectures or compromise with their employers on a mutually agreed work schedule before applying for this programme.

Applicants are required to hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in an appropriate subject.

Candidates are required to complete no less than 60 credits in either the 'Dissertation Option' or the 'Non-Dissertation Option':

Programme Requirements

  Dissertation option  


( 6 credits each )


( 6 credits each )


GEOG7136 (6 credits)

GEOG7122 (12 credits)

  Non-dissertation option  

( 6 credits each )


( 6 credits each )


GEOG7136 (6 credits)



The schedule for the teaching of courses conforms to the dates of semesters of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Each course entails one session of two lecture hours per week over one semester.

Prgramme Structure


Only good dissertations are listed here.


Dissertation Title


JEON Joohyoun

The Impacts of FinTech on the Growth of International Financial Center - The Case of Hong Kong

LAI Tsz Chung

Situating a Creative District in the Community of Poverty in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

XU Chu

Gay Urban Space in Chengdu: Liminality and Identity Making Amidst a Heteronormative Society

ZHANG Zixuan

Gender Disparities in Involvement and Collaboration on Patenting Activities in Chinese Cities



The Attractiveness of Thailand for Chinese Investment: A Case Study of Chiang Mai

MAN Sau Ying

Understanding the Deregulation of the Chinese Aviation Industry: The 2002 Restructuring and Its Impact

REEVE Liam Nicholas Seth

Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment: A Case Study of the Financial Services Industry, 2002-2018


AITKEN Damon Anqi

The Relationship between Human Capital and Technological Innovation in Chinese Provinces, 2000 to 2017

CHU Tsz Wai Perry

Innovation in Practice: An Exploratory Study of the E-Society in Banking Service and Payment Experience in Hong Kong

COPLEN Taylor Carl

Decentralized Hardware Production: Makerspaces, Shanzhai, and the Future of Shenzhen’s Technology Industries


TANG Xiangyu

School District Housing (Xue Qu Fang) and the underlying problem of unequal distribution of educational resources: A study of Guangzhou city

TANNINEN Hannamiina Vilhelmiina

An evaluation of applying imported solutions to achieve energy reduction targets for China’s 13th Five-Year Plan


MILLER Joseph Colin

The Political Economy of Labor Activism in the Manufacturing Sector of The Pearl River Delta, China

O’LEARY Marissa Shea

The Impact of One-Belt-One-Road Maritime Infrastructure Investment on the Development of Partner Countries in Asia and Africa


CHAN Yuen Tung

Determinants of High Tech Industries’ Location in China

NG Hoi Ching

Regional Variation of Saving and its Contributing Factors in China

ZHANG Mengke

Problems and Prospects of the Conservation of the Grand Canal in China: A Case Study of the Hangzhou Section


RICHLE Patrizia

An Analysis of Air Transportation Infrastructure and its Relationship with Economic Development


The Environmental Impacts of Marketization and Regionalization in Contemporary China

ZOU Huan

Skilled Young Migrant Labour and Their Marital Status: A Case Study of Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai



The Impact of Demographic Transition and Aging on Economic Growth: A Comparative Study of Japan and China

PAN Wenjun

Land/Real Estate Development and Financial Crisis: A Case Study of Financial Crises during 1980-2013

SCHIEBE Karl Friedrich

The Chinese Corporate Governance Mode: Adapt or Adopt?

TAN Xiao

Understanding Government Education and Health Spending in China



Playing games and concepts: Beijing Olympics and China urban development model

JOHN Daniel Adam

The role of the middle class in the economic development of Chinese cities: A comparative study of Shanghai and Wuhan



Central-local Relations, Land Development, and Local Public Finance in China: A Case Study of Guangdong Province

DOUGLAS Jake Brandon

Globalization of the Chinese City: A Comparative Study on the Prospects of a Global City in China

WIART Ludovic Claude Jacques

The Chinese-Angola Mode in Africa: The Case Study of Angola and Sudan


LAM Man Sze

Hong Kong Residents Traveling to Japan on an Individual Basis : A Cultural Perspective

LEUNG Wai Cheong

Understanding the Spatial Development of the Life Insurance Industry in Post-Reform China, 1999-2008

MAN Huen Pok

Understanding the Social Security System for Aging Population in China : A Case Study of Beijing


The Missing Watchdog: Corruption, Governance, and a Supervisory Role for the Chinese Civil Society?


CHEUNG Wai Shuen

Financial services in Kong Kong and Shanghai: Competition and co-operation

LEE Yung To

Emergence of Chinese multinational corporations: A case study of the ICT industry

LIU Zhiyao

Intra-provincial inequality in post-reform China: A case study of Anhui province, Central China


Economic geography of the electric solar energy potential in China

YAU Yuk Ha

The Chinese model of urban land and housing developments

YE Lezhou

The dynamics of rural-urban migration and industrial transformation in China's metropolises: The case of Shenzhen, 1979-2008


CHAN Tsz Wah

Integration of Hong Kong and The Pearl River Delta: Towards an Optimum Division of Labor in the Provision of Producer Services

DIDIER Emilie Marie Claude

Socio-economic and Cultural Impacts of Recent Chinese Immigration in African Cities: A Case Study of Cameroon

LAM Wing Chi

A Study of Regional Inequality of Education Attainment in China

LIM Kwee Hua Stephanie

Population Mobility in the Era of Globalization: The Case of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Cross-border Region, 1997-2007

TANG Nap Wong Sammy

Welfare of Rural-urban Migrant Workers in China's Economic Reform Era: A Case Study of Dongguan

WEN Allisandra

Global Interaction Patterns and Disease Transmission - A Case Study of China

WONG Yee Wah, Eva

The Path to Harmony: The Roles of Rural Reforms in Achieving Social Harmony in China


DYCK Thomas Aron

Economic Growth and Land Conversion in Post-Reform China, 1996-2005

LENZER Jr James Hans

Globalization of Financial Risk: A Case Study of The US Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis


LO Kwan Hung

Cross-boundary Students between Hong Kong and Shenzhen: A Case Study of Shan Tsui Public School

TAM Sze Ying

The Development of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Industry in China, 1995-2005


TSE Yin Wing, Jason

Venture Capital in China: Growth and Prospects


YUNG Ka Man, Evelyn

A Comparative Study of the Real Estate Market in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai: Reform, Development, and Prospect


KWOK Hiu Yan

A Comparative Study of Foreign Direct Investment in Guangdong and Shanghai since 1990


CHOW Sin Yin

The Central-local Relationship in Guangdong and Fujian: A Comparative Approach

Completed MAChDS Dissertations


Seminar Series
Prizes & Scholarships


  The China Development Studies Scholarship  

The China Development Studies Scholarship is open to application for all MAChDS students as an encouragement to support their MAChDS study and is awarded to a maximum of two students based on their academic merits in the first semester of the MAChDS studies. The value of the Scholarship is HK$20,000.00 per awardee (deducted directly from the second instalment of the composition fee).


In connection to the University Assessment Policy, the Department of Geography has adopted the following policy on provision of feedback to students on marked coursework assignments and written examination performance.

A. Provision of feedback on coursework assignments

  1. All teachers should provide written feedback on all the marked assignments, and return all marked assignments to students within 2-4 weeks (pending on the actual class size) after the submission deadline.

  2. Holistic feedback on the overall class performance in each assignment should be provided in the Course Moodle so as to (a) explain why some students have managed to obtain A- / A / A+ grades for the assignment, and (b) give suggestions to the weaker grade students on how to improve. The holistic feedback should be put on the Course Moodle within four weeks after the submission deadline.

  3. For courses that have in-class quizzes as part of the coursework assessment, teachers should use the Course Moodle to provide feedback on the class overall performance in each quiz.

B. Provision of feedback on written examination performance

  1. Feedback on students' overall examination performance should be provided on the respective Course Moodle so that they can identify weaknesses and look for ways to improve in future examinations.

  2. Teachers should upload the feedback on examination performance on the Course Moodle within two weeks after the recommended final grades and results have been endorsed by the Departmental Examination Meeting.

Provision of Feedback to Student


All students should be familiar with the need for safety while in the University or on fieldwork. Please click here for the “Statement of Environmental Health and Safety Policy” for more information. Any injury suffered as a result of an accident must be reported immediately to the Programme Co-ordinator.



Published by The University of Hong Kong

A Guide for Mphil & PhD students

Rural Economic Restructuring and Farm Household Income in Jiangsu, People's Republic of China

Myths and Meanings of Immigration and The Metropolis Pearl River Delta, China

Myths and Meanings of Immigration and The Metropolis Pearl River Delta, China

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