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Feedbacks from Graduates

BONSOR David James Sam

Class of 2023

"After having worked for a number of years, I found the MAChDS programme a thoroughly enjoyable and intellectually stimulating experience as a part-time mature student. The programme was well structured with a range of elective courses depending on student interests. I personally particularly appreciated the opportunity to join the first fieldtrip since Covid, as well as fairly independently undertake primary research to complete a dissertation, using methods and knowledge obtained over the programme. The overall experience of being a student again was important to me, including meeting interesting fellow classmates and academic staff over this time at HKU."

CHEN Junying

Class of 2023

"My year in the MAChDS program was filled with great moments and gains. This program broadened my horizons and inspired me to explore more in the social science area. There is a wide variety of choices in the interdisciplinary curriculum of geography, economics, and politics. The best thing, though, is that I have the opportunity to study from an admirable and excellent teaching team, which aids in my understanding of contemporary China and prevalent social issues. The theories and frameworks I learned in courses can be applied to the critical analysis of phenomena in modern society. Moreover, I met students from diverse backgrounds in this program. The variety of educational experiences and cultural mindsets makes it possible for our thoughts to collide and generate unexpected insights. Discussions in class were quite useful and thought-provoking. Keep an open mind, and you will enjoy an incredible journey here."

CHEN Yujie

Class of 2023

"The MAChDS program has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the current development of China, including regional differences, development disparities, and its role in a globalised world. This course is beyond merely an encyclopedia. All contents were expressed under a rigorous academic foundation, and the assignment design has greatly improved my academic capability, especially my ability to conduct independent research projects and group assignments. Moreover, this one-year study has improved my problem-solving ability and laid a solid foundation for my subsequent development, whether for my future career or doctoral research. More importantly, I become friends with a group of excellent classmates. I really enjoy this one year of learning."


Class of 2023

"The MAChDS program is not easy, but neither is it overwhelming. The program and the Department of Geography provide you with all the tools and guidance you need for success, although that is all for nothing if you do not bring yourself. Without your earnest engagement in the program, whether with the professors, your fellows, or the course content, there will be very little for you to gain or success to be had. However, if you do actively engage with all the opportunities for learning and self-development the program provides, then you will flourish. I hope that, just like me, you will find yourself coming out of this program a better person in whichever way that matters to you than when you went in. Finally, as an international student, this program was an excellent opportunity to make close friendships and learn much from those with very different backgrounds from me, for which I am forever grateful"

LUI Edith Rachel

Class of 2023

"Being a local student with business and logistics backgrounds, I enjoyed the time immersing myself in learning China throughout the year. From public policies to international trade, this programme offered students with a broad spectrum of assignments such as debating and designing a poster – you would never get bored! The way of thinking acquired could always be applicable regardless of careers. Currently working in a global logistics company, I appreciate how this learning journey at HKU has brought positive impacts on my ability to communicate and work with people of different nationalities. I highly recommend the MAChDS programme to all students who are passionate about sharpening one’s analytical thinking and would like to understand China in various perspectives."

QIU Li Yun

Class of 2023

"Studying in MAChDS is a journey full of surprises and expectations. The curriculum here greatly caters to students from different backgrounds, for example, we have specialized courses on research methodology as well as courses related to economic geography, urban geography, GIS and so on. In MAChDS, I have learned more than I could have imagined. The outstanding professors assign us many challenging assignments, and to complete these assignments, we need to read a lot of papers systematically and think critically about the papers we read to form our new understanding. If we study the reading in Moodle carefully, actively discuss with the professors in class, and read and discuss with insightful classmates after class, we will be surprised to find that we have mastered the most simple but effective way to enter a certain research field. Thanks to the professors in MAChDS for teaching me the knowledge and skills so I can go further in my professional career."

CHEN Jiayi

Class of 2022

"In addition to knowledge, the MAChDS programme gave me valuable experiences. The instructors and professors are not only our instructors, but our friends and tutors, teaching us learning and practical problem-solving skills. The MAChDS program is a family to me. In addition to the super nice professors and TAs, I also got to know lots of capable friends from all over the world (Thailand, Ukraine, Boston, Britain, Australian, Germany, Canada, HK, Mainland China, etc.). The 9-month period I spent with MAChDS was the best experience I have ever had in my university life."


Class of 2022

"With several years of working experience under my belt, it is inevitable that I had encountered bottlenecks and confusion. The programme helped me establish a well-rounded knowledge base and holistic thinking skills.
The courses in the programme systematically link most aspects of the development of mainland China, providing me with a better framework to more effectively conduct further research. It also helped me build self-confidence and raised my interest in exploring and reading. The professors and lecturers of the programme encouraged critical thinking. Even when we raise possibly immature opinions, as long as we show our thinking process, we were given positive feedback, making reading and exploring new areas of interest much more enjoyable.
The programme also brought me invaluable friendships. It’s my pleasure to be a part of it."

LIU Yuyao

Class of 2022

"I enjoyed every moment of my study in the MAChDS programme! The curriculum encompasses broad topics about China from economics and trade to policy-making and the environment, providing students with more possibilities for developing future careers. The instructors helped me understand China systematically and enlightened me to explore real-life applications of theories. What I liked the most about this programme is that it not only taught me knowledge, but also guided me to be a critical thinker with independent research skills. With the connections and skills I gained from this programme, I feel more confident to embark on a new chapter of my academic journey!"

MYERS Curtin Henry

Class of 2022

"My experience in the MAChDS programme allowed me to grow intellectually and professionally. I entered the programme after working in the digital marketing and public affairs industry, and primarily aimed to gain further understanding of the Chinese market and internal machinations. Through the coursework and interpersonal cooperation with my classmates, I completed the programme with greatly increased confidence and knowledge, as it relates to China’s development and growth and its future role in the APAC region."

REDKA Kseniya

Class of 2022

"As an international student I was very nervous about the fact that I didn't know as much about China as my fellow students from mainland China. But the professors and courses made following the material feasible and enjoyable. The courses offered a broad range of topics that equipped me with essential knowledge and skills to pursue my career focusing on the Asian region in private equity and knowledge on demand sectors. I think the programme is well-structured, and the non-dissertation stream is a great option for those who don't aim to further pursue an academic career."

TAN Guiwen

Class of 2022

"I won’t sugarcoat it: if you are hoping for easy A’s and a large amount of leisure time, MAChDS is not a good option. However, if you are wishing to embark on a quest for independent learning and the high-level academic challenges with which it brings, then you’ve come to the right place. In the Department of Geography, outstanding professors are always there to give guidance, waiting for you to tap into their expertise and knowledge. You are also given access to a network of inspiring peers with different academic profiles and professional experiences."

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